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PopDrive for the Home + Office

A Backup with a Backup

Don’t lose data, even if one hard drive crashes. PopDrive contains two laptop hard drives that are in sync at all times. If one fails, simply replace it with a new drive, which will automatically sync with the other working drive. Removing or replacing either hard drive is as easy as changing a CD. No tools needed.

All Your Data in a Portable, Compact Device

The PopDrive stores everything you want to safeguard. It’s all in a package slightly larger than a wireless mouse and barely more than a pound. PopDrive fits in a pocket, pouch or purse, so you can carry it anywhere. In an emergency you can quickly grab it and go.

Lightning-Fast Backups Free Up Time

Backing up your data is vital, but it shouldn’t take all day. When you use the eSata interface, the PopDrive is 6 times faster than USB and 5 to 10 times faster than tape. So backups take 50-70% less time! It’s easier to perform regular backups, and you get more time to focus on other things.

Affordable, Powerful Security

A typical external drive is inexpensive, but it offers no security. If it crashes, you’re in the same boat as someone with no backup at all. Expensive tape drives are out of reach for many individuals and small businesses. PopDrive gives you better security than tape, yet it costs 30 to 50% less!

Stay in Control

PopDrive’s management software makes it easy to monitor the drive’s operations. Keep track with an event log, and set it to send you notifications via e-mail.