Does your company provide professional IT products and services to Consumers or Small and Medium Sized Businesses?

If you answered yes, then take at look at the advantages of becoming a PopDrive reseller:

Volume Discounts

With the PopDrive, you can impact your bottom line by making margin on the product and the service. We have volume discounts available for purchases of as few as 10 units per order. We also have multiple programs available for referrals and annual purchasing volume.

Better Customer Management

By standardizing your customer’s storage solutions with the PopDrive, you can centralize the management of their backup hardware and rotations. The management software allows you to set up e-mail notifications on a number of PopDrive related events: Drive connection, Drive disconnection, temperature alerts, hard drive failure, Raid rebuild, Raid verification, and more. When you set the alerts to send you e-mail notifications, you can have a central place to find out the status of all of your customer’s external data storage.

Sign Up

For more details, or to sign up as a PopDrive reseller, please contact us at 703-870-3741. Select option 3 when prompted.